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Tailored Solutions, Safety & Compliance, Brand Protection & More

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Inland Star is an asset and non-asset based 3PL that develops, implements, and manages tailored, outsourced supply chain solutions. 

Since 1984, Inland Star Distribution Centers, Inc., based in Fresno, CA, has been providing quality supply chain solutions for packaged goods manufacturers. We are a third-party logistics (3PL) provider specializing in warehousing, transportation, and value added solutions – all tailored to exceed client requirements and objectives. Inland Star designs, implements and manages tailored solutions that shore up evolving client demands by focusing our methodologies to improve performance, reduce costs, and optimize return on capital. We deliver seamless supply chain performance for our clients by building strong partnerships, through vigilant stewardship of client interests, and by nurturing a culture of ownership within our organization. 

An aerial view of Inland Star's Fresno facility, showcasing a large warehouse with solar panels installed on the roof and multiple loading docks, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability, innovative logistics solutions, and exceptional service quality.

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Some industries we serve:

A circular infographic with the letters 'CPG' in the center, representing Consumer Packaged Goods, surrounded by icons of a shopping basket, a shopping bag with products, and a shopping cart, illustrating Inland Star's focus on consumer goods warehousing.

Consumer Goods

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Rows of neatly organized canned products on shelves, representing Inland Star's commitment to efficient and safe warehousing for the food and beverage industry.

Food & Beverage

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Interior view of a warehouse with neatly stacked blue chemical barrels and white sacks on shelves, showcasing Inland Star's commitment to safe and compliant storage solutions for packaged hazardous materials. The image highlights the company's expertise in handling packaged hazmat through organized and secure storage practices.

Chemicals & Industrial

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Our solution competencies span a range of logistics services:

Interior view of Inland Star's Carson facility, featuring tall warehouse shelves stacked with neatly organized pallets, demonstrating the company's efficiency, attention to detail, and commitment to providing exceptional warehousing solutions


Warehousing Icon
A DIR Transportation truck positioned at a loading dock at Inland Star's Harrisburg facility, illustrating the company's efficient transportation services, strategic location, and commitment to timely and reliable warehousing solutions.


DIR Transportation Icon
A warehouse worker wearing a safety vest and hard hat scans a stack of boxes with a handheld barcode scanner in a well-organized warehouse, representing Inland Star's commitment to precision, efficiency, and top-tier fulfillment services.


Fulfillment Icon
Certifications & Associations

Certifications & Associations

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