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Customer Focus

Awesome Results - One Customer Experience at a Time


Partnership, Stewardship & Ownership

Building and sustaining a truly customer-focused culture is the foundation of delivering awesome results – day after day, order after order – one customer at a time. We integrate three core cultural principles: Partnership, Stewardship, and Ownership. Each plays a vital, complementary role in striving for awesome results at all levels.

Graphic illustrating Inland Star's core cultural principles: Partnership, Stewardship, and Ownership. The text emphasizes the company's commitment to a customer-focused culture that delivers consistent, high-quality results by integrating these three vital principles.

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I. Partnership

We work hard to understand every client’s needs and develop strong relationships that in turn help us provide innovative, tailored, effective solutions.

II. Stewardship

We treat every product and order as our own. Our employees are passionate about the job they do and we hold each other to the highest standards.

III. Ownership

Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) instills in our associates a pride of ownership in serving clients responsibly and reliably, day after day.


Our Values

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Team Empowerment

Team Empowerment


The Right Technology

Enhancing Distribution Efficiency by Optimizing Process Steps

  • Flexible order processing

  • Directed put-away

  • Radio frequency

  • Error detection

  • Web access / internet integration

  • Enhanced inventory controls

  • Full EDI integration

  • Return goods processing

  • Custom Reporting

  • Barcode / Real-time RF

  • Kitting and Assembly

  • Custom inventory management

  • On-line data portal

  • Order delivery management

Transportation Management System

Simple and intuitive web based trucking software

  • Real-time visibility

  • Data sorting & filtering

  • EDI functionality

  • Customizable views

  • Dashboard data view graphics

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Employee Owned

An ESOP Company

Our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Builds Engagement, Commitment, and Better Result

Graphic explaining Inland Star's Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), highlighting the elements: Employee, Stock, Ownership, and Plan. The text emphasizes how ESOP builds engagement, commitment, and better results for the company.

Inland Star is 100% Employee Owned


Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan [ESOP] enables associates to build capital ownership of the company over time.

Sharing the benefits of increased productivity enables Inland Star to consistently achieve quality objectives by incentivizing performance improvement, customer focus and outside-in thinking.

Stock ownership deepens employee involvement and aligns well with participatory and open book management approaches.

Employee ownership encourages constructive collaboration, leading to better results.

We’re Inland Star owners -- and we Do It Right
   for our customers as one!


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